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                          Calcium propionate
                          Sodium Propionate
                          Sodium Propionate
                          Benzoic acid
                          Sodium benzoate
                          Potassium benzoate
                          Calcium acetate
                          Acetic acid, sodium salt
                           Acetic acid, sodium salt

                          Certificate of Analysis  


                           Sodium acetate powder popparPPPggPoppopGGHGRANULARGRANULAR

                           Test Standard:

                           FOOD GRADE

                          CAS No.:


                           Chemical Formula:


                          Mfg. Date:


                           Exp. Date:




                           Batch No.:






                           Colorless crystalling powder











                           Heavy metals(as Pb):






                           Calcium and magnesium

                           Meets the requirement



                           Meets the requirement





                           water insoluble              ≤0.05%                          Conforms

                           CONCLUSION:CONFORM TO THE STANDARD

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