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                          Calcium propionate
                          Sodium Propionate
                          Sodium Propionate
                          Benzoic acid
                          Sodium benzoate
                          Potassium benzoate
                          Calcium acetate
                          Acetic acid, sodium salt
                           Sodium benzoate

                          Character: It is white crystalloid powder or snouflake or grain. It is stable in air. It is easy to dissdve water(53.0/g/100ml,25°C), ethanol(1.4g/100ml),1g sodium benzoate tanlamouts 0.847g benzoic acid.

                          1. It is good antiseptic. It can be used in many kinds of food, for example, sauce, pickles, jam, emnlsificated bean curd, fruit juice, carbonated drinks, all kinds of cans etc.,The effect is fine.
                          2. It is used in all kinds of physic atisepsis of medical industry.
                          3. Commodity industry:It is used in atisepsis of toothpaste, inkpad,paste,adhesive and soon.
                          4. The auto antifreeze, steel anticorrosive and organically synthetic stuff etc. 

                          Spec and executive standard:
                          Food class:GB1902-94
                          Medical class:Chinese pharmacopoeia 95
                          English pharmacopoeia BP80 BP93 BP2000 E211
                          America pharmacopoeia USP24.FCC4 and specific standard.

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