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                          Calcium propionate
                          Sodium Propionate
                          Sodium Propionate
                          Benzoic acid
                          Sodium benzoate
                          Potassium benzoate
                          Calcium acetate
                          Acetic acid, sodium salt
                           Benzoic acid

                          Character: It is white,silkete squama or acercse crystal. It has aslightle smell of benzoin of benzaldehyde. It sublimates at about 100°C,relative density is 1.316,boiliy point is 249.2°C, melting point is 121.7°C-123°C. It is difficult to dissolve water(0.34g/100ml,25°C), It can dissolve boiling water(4.55g/100ml,90°C)ethand, chloroform and ether, fixed oil and naphtha.

                          Use: Dye intermediate.It is used in food and medical antiseptic, antimicrobialsant, plasticizer and organically synthetic stuff. 

                          Spec and executive standard:
                          Industrial class:Q/TLHG001-2003
                          Food class:GB1902-94
                          Medical class:Chinese pharmacopoeia  GB95
                          English pharmacopoeia BP93.BP98
                          America pharmacopoeia USP24,Fcc4.

                          Storage: Keep in a cool,dry and  ventilated  place,Acoid flame.

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