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                          Calcium propionate
                          Sodium Propionate
                          Sodium Propionate
                          Benzoic acid
                          Sodium benzoate
                          Potassium benzoate
                          Calcium acetate
                          Acetic acid, sodium salt
                            About us
                          Tenglong Company is a domestic manufacturing base for food-antiseptic products such as benzoic acid, sodium benzoate, and potassium benzoate, as well as a transnational and inter-trade enterprise that integrates development, manufacture and marketing together. Our company is located 5 km south of the railway station of Tengzhou City, 2 km west of Beijing-Shanghai Railway and National Road 104, near Tengzhou Port to the west and the beautiful Weishan Lake to the south, enjoying convenient transportation facilities.
                          We have the annual manufacturing capacities of 15000 tons for Tenglong Brand benzoic acid (industrial grade), 3000 tons for the pharmaceutical grade, 12000 tons for Tenglong brand sodium benzoate ,and 1500 tons for Tenglong brand potassium benzoate .
                          We have conducted sale and service for customers in over 20 provinces and cities over China, as well as USA, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, Taiwan etc. with top-quality products, best after-sale service, first-class chemical equipment, first-class manufacturing technology and first-class testing facilities, , enjoying a certain reputation in the international market.
                          In the beginning of the 21st century, we have been rapidly developing and expanding.
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                          Welcome to Tengzhou Tenglong Chemical Co.,Ltd.